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Organics Recovery 

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Our Services

Waste Pickup

We provide you the best economics for your waste  This saves tipping fees and the environment.  

Food Waste Acceptance and Carbon Credits

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Safe Food Processing and Repurposing

We eliminate liability concerns with our bonded and insured waste conversion process. 

Route Planning

Disposal Logistics Management

 If you have waste, we can save you time & money in managing end-to-end transport”


Table to Barn ensures that food doesn’t go to waste – by making sure it’s eaten - not thrown in a landfill or made into dirt. We accept food waste of all types – inspect and process it to make sure it’s safe for animal consumption and deliver it.  

If you have food waste, Table to Barn provides end-to-end services including:

I need food  removed

If you have a load of waste food that you need to unload economically and environmentally, click here:  

I can transport food

If you are a waste hauler, or have a dump truck, pickup truck or container, click here: 


I need to feed my livestock

It you are a farmer, you could use the financial benefit of lower-priced, higher protein feed for your cattle or other livestock.  


Linking stakeholders for a win-win-win outcome 

Trees From Above


We need to turn a corner to keep earth from serious destruction.  That means cleaning up our act.  Food waste contributes the equivalent of 73 million cars-worth of pollution every year.  That's about 1/3rd of all the cars in the U.S.. 


  • 6% of GHG is from methane from landfill-bound food waste!

  • 1 ton of food waste = 60 tons of CO2 equivalent

  • 70% of farming costs are feed 

  • MA landfills are filling up, and exporting is wasteful and costly

  • Regulations around Food Waste are moving quickly because the problems are so severe.  We help stakeholders navigate the rules and insulate themselves from liability and cost.  






Year Established

Tons of waste diverted

Car-emissions equivalent

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (508) 839-1300 or fill out the following form

Head Office

North Grafton, MA

Tel: (508) 839-1300

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To apply for a job with Table to Barn, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: (508) 839-1300

Vegetarian Food

Waste Donations had an "oops moment" it's OK, happens all the time.  What's important now is that you don't let the food go to waste.  We can help you prevent Methane emissions and get the most from the situation.  

Food Donors


Safety is critical.  We are insured, bonded and certified by the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure safe processing of waste to create feed.  

Brown Cow


We know that travel time is money.  We pay you more to travel and we reduce downtime.  Out goal is to make it more profitable to drop off at our site than anywhere else.  


Buying food

If you raise livestock, you know how much  you spend on feed.  Get the best "upcycled" food at the best prices here.  

Feed purhcasing
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